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The team at wants to show you how to find the best online loan for you. However, the absolute best loan is the one you don’t have to take out.

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What drives us and why we want to help you find the best online loan

A brief history of 

In 2008, was established as a classified ads marketplace for “loans from individuals.” The idea was to provide people in financial need with the opportunity to connect with private lenders through the portal.

However, we realized that loans from individuals are often not the best option for borrowers and consumers. So, we adjusted our concept to the facts and decided to shut down the classified ads marketplace. We also transformed into an information and advisory portal aimed at helping you find the best online loan.

In principle, we believe that the best loan for you is the one you DON’T have to take out. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable to apply for a loan.

We want to share vital information with you so you can find the best online loan for you on our site. We hope that we can assist you in your search for the perfect loan and that you’ll enjoy browsing, reading, and comparing loans with each other!