About Us

Our goal is to help you find the best loan for you.

Kredit-Markt is an independently published editorial and credit portal. Therefore, we can freely report on facts and developments in the capital and loan markets.

We aim to provide consumers with all the important information and decision-making aids necessary to make the right decision regarding loan financing and to find the optimal loan and financing offer. For this purpose, our free online loan calculator is designed to help. It allows you to accurately calculate loan terms and create a personalized plan for interest and repayment.

When it comes to “loan and financing,” it is extremely important to understand how the so-called interest formula works:

Loans with a long term and a low monthly rate end up being much more expensive than loans with a short term and a high monthly rate.

Do keep this in mind when it comes to taking out a loan. Please do not be misled by a low monthly rate! We highly suggest that you choose a monthly rate that you can afford.

Of course, the effective annual interest rate also plays an important role in the topic of “loan and interest costs.” For this reason, it is extremely sensible to ensure a lower default risk for the lender with the help of loan securities, such as applying for a joint loan (second borrower), a guarantee, or a mortgage.

Generally, a lower default risk prompts the lender to offer you a better effective annual interest rate.

Your income-expense situation should also be considered.

The higher your income and the lower your expenses, the more likely you are to afford a loan! Additionally, you will also receive a good effective annual interest rate.

For this reason, we want to regularly provide you with interesting and effective savings tips in our blog.

How It Started

As early as 2008, we noticed that loans were increasingly being transacted online, via the internet. So, we built a digital portal that concentrates on, evaluates, and handles the subject of “loan and financing” independently. It also serves as a platform for both borrowers and lenders.

In the same year, Kredit-Markt.eu went online and quickly developed into a successful online presence. From various locations worldwide, our dedicated team works day after day to make Kredit-Markt more informative, user-friendly, and better for its visitors or users.

Transparency and Consumer Protection

The focus of our work is to offer benefits or added value to consumers through this online portal. The success of our website can be measured by how much our website helps visitors, who are looking for customized financing, with the right loan offers and information.

Both the quality of our content and meeting the highest standards for data and consumer protection are important factors. A visitor interacting with our TSL-encrypted website can be assured that we provide our service based on applicable data protection regulations or the GDPR.